September 2017 meetup

Date 07 September 2017
Time Doors open at 6pm
Sponsor Tabcorp
Address Level 31, 680 George St, Sydney (map)


So many security headers and so easy to get them wrong. In this presentation, I will talk about top 5 HTTP Response security headers, how we can benefit from them and how to implement them correctly in NodeJS. I will also show bad or incorrect usage of these headers in real-world. The content of this presentation is based on my experience assessing security of many web applications and web services as well as common insecure patterns that I come across.

Pedram H

7:30pm - Cassandra DB: Starting the right way

You will get a basic understanding of how data is stored. You are going to learn how to model your Cassandra tables in a performance friendly way. We will run through a real world example.

Vasyl Boroviak

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