October 2017 meetup

Date 05 October 2017
Time Doors open at 6pm
Sponsor Tabcorp
Address Level 31, 680 George St, Sydney (map)

6:30pm - Functional programming in JS

From functional patterns to algebraic data types, discover how functional programming can make your programs more readable & easier to modify/reuse.

Joachim Bachstätter

7:30pm - Why you can't do two things at once

People like to throw around 'JavaScript is single threaded!', but what does this actually mean for Node developers? In case you're busy, it means you can't do two things at once - but if you're free, you can learn all the different ways you can't do two things at once, or why it feels like you're doing two things at once. To wrap up, we'll cover how sometimes, you can do two things at once.

Jessica Edwards

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