Node Sydney only exists thanks to

A massive thanks to the many great Australian or global companies have been supporting us since the beginning. Thanks for all the effort helping us organise the events, as well as providing a meeting space, and food and drinks to keep everyone energised throughout the evenings.

Current sponsors

Past sponsors

Becoming a sponsor

We are not looking for sponsors at the moment. If you are interested in sponsoring the meetup in the future, please get in touch.

Our obligations to sponsors

What we expect of sponsors

Official sponsors are expected to


The typical attendance for the meetup is 90-130. The best way to assess attendance it to look at the RSVP list on meetup.com and account for 65% turnout. For example 170 RSVPs usually means 110 attendees.

A good rule of thumb for catering is:

Of course sponsors are welcome and encouraged to think outside the pizza box if they wish to! Please make sure to include vegetarian and gluten-free options.